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New cookbook discusses changes in food culture

Cookbook presents modern dietary choices

Ruth Riechl has been the editor of Gourmet Magazine for over ten years, and in that time she has seen perceptions about food change, affecting the things people eat and the way they prepare those things. She has written a new cookbook to address these changes.

The book is titled Gourmet Today, and in Reichl provides not only recipes to fit with modern dietary choices, but also culinary insights. She believes that over the last decade, food culture has been embraced in the mainstream. The book addresses this by including several recipes that involve healthy cooking methods like grilling and nutritious, low-fat ingredients.

“Our entire outlook on food has changed,” said Riechl in the book. “Where we used to throw butter into a dish to make it taste better, we now use herbs, spices and broths to add extra flavor.”

Riechl references the fun side of cooking as well, including an entire section on cocktails. She learned these during her time in cooking school, where she says she met several celebrities.

For the chef turned editor, it took more than ten years to develop a sense of the tastes of the public and express that sense in a cookbook. Those interested in developing a similar sense may do so, but they should first consider gaining an education in culinary arts like Riechl did.

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