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Citibank Student Loan Consolidation – 3 Ways To Get Lower Interest Rates

With the increasing amount of student debt and the soft economy, many college students and graduates are having trouble making their monthly loan payments. Thankfully, there are banks willing to help out the students and aid them in solving this problem. Several lenders have begun offering products and services that focus on these loans and […]

Financial Aid

Requirements For State-Funded Scholarships In Florida Are Becoming More Stringent

If the country has been in a recession, the Florida Lottery hasn’t reflected it. The Lottery for 2009-2010 contributed more than $1.24 billion to Florida’s education efforts – marking the eighth time in the agency’s 23-year history that its annual earnings exceeded $1 billion. High school students who rely on Lottery-funded Bright Futures Scholarships to […]

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Colorado’s Scholarship Programs Provide A Wealth Of Resources For Students Pursuing Higher Education

The state of Colorado has a lot of things going for it. It’s the home of incredible landscapes, state-of-the-art technology, and a state-sponsored scholarship system that is doing all it can to keep its residents close to home. For example, one plan is the Governor’s Opportunity Scholarship. It works both off of academic merit and […]

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A Sampling Of Top Scholarship Programs For Tennesseans

When Tennesseans think of scholarships, they usually think of the state’s Educational Lottery Scholarships aka HOPE Scholarships. Generated though the state’s lottery, it covers an incredible number of potential recipients. It also comes with some very tough restrictions, such as the financial aid can only be used at a state-sponsored university or trade school. Luckily, […]