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University introduced online doctoral degree for teachers

University introduced online doctoral degree for teachers

Many educators of elementary-age children are noticing a challenge in teaching reading and literacy to young learners. The growing teacher shortage may make these lessons more difficult, as student-to-teacher ratios are rapidly increasing.

In order to prepare more adults for a career in education, many American colleges are increasing their online course offerings. For example, Capella University recently announced the launch of an online doctoral degree in education (EdD) with a specialization in reading and literacy.

“Reading and literacy skills can play a pivotal role in increasing individual student success and closing the educational achievement gap in the United States,” said Barbara Butts Williams, dean of Capella‚Äôs School of Education.

The program was created for teachers who wish to increase their skills or advance into a managerial position within a school district. In addition to online coursework, the degree program includes field experiences in diverse educational settings and an action dissertation project, which is designed to address the current reading and literacy challenges that are identified in this field.

Capella’s EdD specialization was designed using national reading and literacy education standards and covers topics such as program development and management, assessment and evaluation, data-driven decision making, as well as district, state and national policies that can affect how reading is taught.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of teachers is expected to grow by 13 percent over the next eight years.

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