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Experts say social sciences will play role in technology

Experts say social sciences will play role in technology

As the professional adoption of internet technologies continues to rise, companies are likely to increasingly look to social sciences to fill next-generation technology jobs, says Gartner.

The consultancy’s research suggest that during the next five years adoption of technology will accelerate, making individuals more comfortable using it to manage their family, social and business relationships. As a result, organizations will face the challenge of integrating rapidly changing behaviors and technology into established business culture and infrastructure.

“Many of the needed technical capabilities originate in the social sciences and are aimed at usability and adoption of technology-related business services,” says Kathy Harris, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner.

“These capabilities embody the notion of ‘action at the interface’ between the enterprise and its markets or between business management and technology management,” she adds.

There is a number of institutions around the country that offer degrees in fields like social and industrial psychology, which some individuals may also earn concurrently with an engineering or computer science degree.

For busy adults who would like to acquire more marketable skills, online degrees may be a flexible and cost-effective option.

Labor market studies have consistently shown that those with a college degree earn around twice as much as those without higher education.

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