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New scholarship hopes to spur interest in writing

New scholarship hopes to spur interest in writing

Globaltel Media has announced a scholarship contests aimed at promoting youth scholarship and education, in particular in the area of creative writing.

The eight scholarships coincide with the release of a highly anticipated novel entitled Turned, by high school student Jenna Cooper, and the sponsor is asking interested candidates – who can be middle school, high school or college students – to showcase their creative talents by writing a 1,000-word essay which analyzes and assesses the new book.

In announcing the call for the applications, the sponsor said, “GTM encourages creative thinking and requests applicants use proper grammar and correct spelling but take poetic license in submitted essays.”

The submission deadline is February 22, 2010.

The scholarship is one of many funding opportunities available to those who plan to pursue creative majors such as writing or design in college. This type of education can lead to a fulfilling and rewarding career as the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates demand for writers and editors will grow by 10 percent over the next several years.

It also says median earnings for salaried writers and authors were $48,640 in May 2006, with the middle 50 percent earning between $34,850 and $67,820, and the highest-paid earning more than $97,700. Meanwhile, median salaries were $50,650 in the field of advertising and $40,880 in newspaper, periodical, book and directory publishers.

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