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University offers online masters program in art education

University offers online masters program in art education

Adults who are interested in enrolling in art school may be unaware of online university options. Many state schools offer online distance learning programs for art students, and most are less expensive and more convenient than traditional campus-based institutions.

For example, the University of Florida (UF) recently announced the launch of an online masters degree program in art education. Students who are interested in this program are traditionally art educators, artists and art advocates who want a unique learning environment.

The unique coursework focuses on the development of teaching techniques, new art-making techniques, methods of instruction and studio teaching. The program also explores ways that digital technologies can be used to deliver impactful learning experiences.

“Our students will be engaged in a high-tech, high-touch educational environment, with rich studio experiences in traditional and digital media,” said Criag Roland, a UF professor.

The online masters of education program also offers the Educator Preparation Institute track, which prepares students for certification to teach in Florida’s public schools.

Web-based campuses often cater to the needs of working professionals who wish to keep their current jobs while completing a degree.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that professionals who work in this field, on average earn $68,230 per year.

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