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Special needs teachers have promising employment outlook

Special needs teachers have promising employment outlook

The number of open positions for special education teachers is projected to expand by 17 percent over the next eight years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports. In addition to new job creation resulting from increased student enrollment, a large number of openings are expected as a result of the many teachers who may retire.

In order to meet the demand for professionals who have special education training, many American colleges are expanding their education course offerings. For example, Pass Christian University recently announced that it has partnered with ed2go, a web-based education company, to offer an online course called empowering students with disabilities.

Students who are enrolled in the class can gain confidence in working with children who have special needs as they learn strategies for promoting these learner’s academic, behavioral and social skills. Through simulations and real-life stories, students can gain an understanding of what it’s like to be a learner with special needs.

These online courses traditionally last approximately six weeks and feature comprehensive lessons, quizzes and assignments. The instructor of the program will facilitate the course by pacing students, answering questions, giving feedback and promoting discussion.

Graduates of a special education degree programs may work in elementary and high schools, hospitals or private organizations.

The BLS reports that special education teachers earned between $40,480 and $63,500 during the 2008 academic year.

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