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I’m A College Girl Who Wants To Find Some Extra Cash Money (you say?) But I Don’t Have Time For A Job!

As you are well aware, there are many websites out there in the wonderful world of the internet. There are sites where a person can buy just about anything, but some folks don’t use computers, or are too intimidated to shop online, or perhaps they don’t have a credit card or other means with which to make an online purchase. So IF their friendly neighborhood store doesn’t sell a pepper spray product, they may never end buying one. This creates a perfect opportunity for you to make some money by selling self defense pepper sprays! It’s not that most people don’t want one; it is simply that they just don’t come across them anywhere that they happen to shop.

Because things aren’t as safe as they once were in our fair land, many people, especially women, are carrying pepper sprays for self defense purposes. Since more women have them, other women find out about them and want to buy some; however, they are not usually sold everywhere that you turn, as previously mentioned. Pepper sprays are more of a specialty item, just as many things are, and when you want to buy something specific, there are usually fewer retail outlets where you can find such items. This is all good news for you, particularly if you want to make extra cash income!

My name is Father Time, I am a writer and I have an Online SuperStore, where there are thousands of great items featured! I sell retail and wholesale, and have the perfect idea for you to earn extra cash income! You can order 10 or 25 pepper sprays from me, at a wholesale price, and without having a store or business, you can simply peddle these to people that you know, for cash profits! It would be just like a gal who sells Avon (another fabulous product!) and this business is so simple, because:

#1) These sell themselves and when people see them they want one, and they buy it on impulse!

#2) These pepper sprays are small and lightweight and nicely packaged so they are easy to carry around with you.

#3) Every woman 18 or older that you know should have one! If they don’t, they will probably buy one from you!

If you are a college student, it is an even better opportunity for you, because you don’t have a lot of free time to be working at a job. Plus, many of your fellow students will want one, and they will buy one from you! Plus, you will get word of mouth advertising!

This is where you can order your first batch, and maybe you can get your folks to pay for them! Then as you sell them, save some of the cash so that you can buy another batch when the first batch are all sold out! Good Luck and Good Selling! Many Blessings!

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